left_col02right_col02There are many different systems on the market and none of them work. When I say they don't work, I mean none work consistently. None! Why don't they work? Well, it took me a while to realize "systems" do the same thing over and over again, shoe after shoe. Of course, you're going to bust out if every time a certain thing lines up you do this or when bank does this  you have to do that over and over, the same way every time. Playing a system that does the same exact thing every time a certain situation occurs makes you a sitting duck! You're the one the shoe finds predictable. You need the opposite to happen. Instead of each shoe finding you or your system predictable, you need to make the shoe predictable. You ask, "How do I do that?" I'll tell you, by playing odds! By using our method of play, you will not be a repetitive sitting duck. Return home

left_col1right_col0203There is no system that works consistently, not PATTERN RECOGNITION, not the PREDICTOR STRATEGY, not the ASIAN SYSTEMS, not ULTIMATE BACCARAT SYSTEMS, not the 24 KARAT BACCARAT SYSTEM, not BETTING WITH TRENDS, not BETTING ONLY BANKER, not BACCARAT CARD COUNTING, NONE of these  systems work consistently. The danger with ttable_smhese and other systems is that they work for short periods of the shoe and then bust out. About the time you start to have confidence in a system, it goes down the toilet. When they sell you their system, they don't tell you you're going to have busts.  It is a fact, the casino beats you with the odds. The house has odds advantage, even though Baccarat is among the lowest odds advantage. The house still has the advantage. We realize the only way to beat the casino is the the same way they beat you, with odds. By using odds and dividing the shoe into blocks (with my odds enhanced score sheets included),  the atmosphere becomes clear when to bet and when to stay out, placing the odds of winning in your favor.
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left_col102right_col0204After years of playing Baccarat professionally, the author of Baccarat Wealth (The Baccarat Wealth Method) arrived at some  very important facts.

Fact #1 -  Baccarat has the best, or arguably the best odds of all casino games.
Fact #2 - No two shoes are exactly alike.
Fact #3 - Each shoe is a constant  true random shoe, so we created easy to use score sheets with odds enhancing templates along with two other main ingredients to complete the 'baccarat wealth Method'. When you see the Win Atmosphere it creates you'll be  like a kid in a candy store. Adhering to our easy rules and the odds of betting, you'll be a consistent winner, no matter what kind of shoe is dealt. No more guessing if it's a bankers shoe or players shoe, no more crazy guessing, trying to follow patterns that do not repeat when you want them to .
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right_col0205left_col103The Baccarat Wealth method was designed for the conservative player or the highest of rollers. You need to have a minimum of only 15 units bankroll, although 30 to 45 units is optimum, with an average win of 3 to 4 units per shoe. Low stress, low risk.  Look at the win chart below to see where you fit in. It doesn't matter if you are conservative or aggressive, Baccarat Wealth (The Baccarat Wealth Method), is for you. Return home

Starting Unit

Yield Per Shoe


$30 - $40


$75 - $100


$150 - $200


$300 - $400


$750 - $1,000


$1,500 - $2,000


$3,000 - $4,000

left_col03right_col0202The people that buy our book span the spectrum from the seasonal vacation 2 or 3 time a year player  to the professional weekly player that plays Baccarat for a living. As author of Baccarat Wealth (The Baccarat Wealth Method), not only do I sell the book, I play Baccarat weekly, and when you become a student of the Baccarat Wealth Method, I'll tell you where I'll be playing,  (usually a different casino every month) and we can play Baccarat  together. Many of my students have become good friends as well as good baccarat players. Return home

Discipline and Patience.

I want to repeat something I said earlier. If you want to make consistent money with the Baccarat Wealth Method, you must have DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE.

Discipline: Stay within the confines of the rules stated in the book. Watch for the odds signals before betting real money and you'll make money.

Patience: As you now know, every shoe is different. As you play each shoe there will be shoes that you make three to four units per shoe. There will be other shoes that you will make 7-10 units per shoe. Understand that point and you'll make money. What I'm about to say is a great point. At first thought, three to four units per shoe may not sound like a lot of units. You better think again. Of the thousands of shoes that I and others have played over the years, if I could go back 10 years, from the very first shoe, to now, and average three to four units per shoe, I can only imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars I could have made with Baccarat Wealth (The Baccarat Wealth Method)

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